Thuis bij Elsalien Makelaardij
Thuis bij Elsalien Makelaardij
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1 juni 2022

Marie en Thom uit Alphen 15 september 2021 (aankoop)

Elsalien did an amazing job considering how difficult the market is. During the visits her knowledge saved us from putting bids on houses where we initially severly underestimated the costs of renovations. She also got us out of another offer where the inspection revealed severe structural issues. We ended up acquiring a house that is outside of her area, and still, she was able to advise us properly and mediate efficiently in the buying process. She’s tactful, kind, and communicates effectively. She goes above and beyond for the the customer. Always keeping a positive tone, too! I have already recommended her to several colleagues, and will keep doing so! Elsalien, van harte bedankt!